在St工作. 卢克的

The talent, dedication and enthusiasm of St. 卢克的教职员工定义了我们学生的经历和学校的声誉. 我们通过创建一个充满活力的学习社区,促进专业成长和实现,吸引最优秀和最聪明的人才. St. 卢克提供有竞争力的薪酬以及慷慨的福利待遇,包括:

  • 退休福利
  • 健康保险
  • 人寿保险
  • Short- and Long-term 残疾 benefits
  • Vacation, personal and sick days
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Educational expenses reimbursement
  • Healthy lunches and snacks, daily, for free
  • Partial tuition remission

St. 卢克的 offers an inclusive environment w在这里 differences in 比赛, 文化, and personal beliefs are emb比赛d as assets that enhance education. St. 卢克大学以自己是一所具有前瞻性的学校而自豪 bet356app在线登录 -学生通过培养设计思维,磨练自己独特的领导能力, 包容的精神, 全球视野, and a 服务 orientation. Please see our 常见问题解答 section below.

工作人员 & Administrative Opportunities



  • Head Coach of Varsity Girls Lacrosse

    St. 卢克的学校正在寻找一个头女子大学曲棍球教练为2023-24赛季.
    St. 卢克的学校是男女同校, 位于新迦南的非宗教日制学校,有600多名学生, CT. 学校参加当地费尔切斯特体育协会(FAA)的比赛。, 在新英格兰预科学校运动大会(NEPSAC).
    We are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:
    • 善于与学生、家长、校友及行政部门沟通
    • 渴望并有能力帮助该项目成长为该地区最好的项目之一
    • Ability to be the program director, 同时培养和引领7-12年级项目的成长和发展
    • Passion for the sport of lacrosse and for developing, 领先的, 指导, and inspiring student-athletes
    • Passion for working with and inspiring female student-athletes
    • 能够与希望在大学打长曲棍球的学生运动员一起工作
    • 能够与学校和大学教练建立关系并代表学校和项目
    • 有能力并渴望代表学校和女子曲棍球项目向未来的学生运动员展示
    • Proper working knowledge and experience within the sport of lacrosse
    • Taking the lead in practice planning, 游戏策划, and communicating these plans with student-athletes and coaches
    • 与体育行政部门一起帮助管理团队的设备库存
    • 与我们的运动训练人员合作,确保所有学生运动员在任何时候的健康和安全
    • Perform all other duties as assigned by Athletic Director
    • Represent the school and program at all league and conference meetings
    • Overseeing the development of the middle school programs
    Interested candidates should apply 在这里.
  • JV Girls Basketball Coach

    St. 卢克的 seeks a JV Girls Basketball Coach for the 2023-2024 season. St. 卢克的 competes locally in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA), 在新英格兰预科学校运动大会(NEPSAC).

    为 more information and to apply for this position, please click 在这里.
  • 中学 Boys Basketball Coach

    St. 卢克的寻求中学男生篮球教练为2023-2024赛季. St. 卢克的 competes locally in the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA).

    为 more information and to apply for this position, please click 在这里.


If you would like to be considered for future opportunities at St. 卢克的, please email your resume and a thoughtful cover letter:

为 教师岗位:
Elizabeth Perry, Assistant 校长 for 学者, at perrye@bafanglaika.com.

Administrative or staff positions:
Kelsey Clegg, Human 资源 Director, at cleggk@bafanglaika.com.

Athletic Department positions:
Anna Knechtel, Director of 体育运动, at knechtela@bafanglaika.com


    • Vision for Inclusive Excellence

      2017年5月,St. bet356亚洲版在线体育网址投注的董事会批准了包容性卓越的愿景, 承诺将学校的人力和财力资源集中在三个关键领域:社区, 文化, 和课程. 该愿景肯定了包容性卓越允许多样性(体验), 视角, 比赛, 种族, 宗教, 社会经济地位, gender or gender expression, 能力, 等.)、公平和包容,为卓越的教育和机构提供基础.

    教师成长 & 更新程序


    Virtual Campus Tour: St. 卢克的学校



    List of 7 frequently asked questions.

    • How big is the typical class size at St. 卢克的?

      Most class sections are about 13-15 students. 除了乐队和合唱团这样的合奏班,没有一个班级的人数超过18人, and it’s not unusual to have a class size of 10 or fewer.
    • What’s the daily schedule for a St. 卢克的老师?

      St. 卢克的 uses a rotating 5-day schedule, 如下图所示,你会看到高中的课程时长为60分钟,每五天有三天上课. 中学的课程时长为45分钟,每5天有4天上课. 除了, t在这里 are designated times for community gatherings such as Advisory, 镇民大会, 额外的帮助, 冥想, 和俱乐部.

    • What’s a standard teaching load?

      A full-time teaching load at St. 卢克有四道菜. Teachers receive a stipend if they are asked to teach an overload.
    • What about time for collaboration?

      Our work day begins at 7:45am, but first period begins at 9:00am. That morning time in between is used for weekly faculty meetings, 学生额外帮助, and collaborative time with colleagues.
    • Is athletic coaching mandatory for teachers?

      No, 但是,每个季度都要为面向学生的课外合作项目做出一些贡献,这是一种期望. 最常, this takes the form of athletic coaching, 很简单,因为这个项目有最多的学生参与,因此我们的需求最大. 一个愿意和有能力的助理教练,即使是在一个你从来没有参加过的运动,总是值得赞赏的!

      然而, 其他形式的课外活动也为学校的生活做出了巨大贡献——这可能与我们蓬勃发展的戏剧项目有关, 的designLab, 这次演讲 & 辩论队, The Sentinel (the student newspaper), 社区服务, or even driving a van and working the score clock at a game.
    • What kind of support does St. 卢克的 offer for Professional Development?

      广泛的! We believe that the quality of the classroom experience is paramount, so w在这里 better to invest our time and financial resources? 当然, 我们的FGR项目, 其核心是, 关于教师成长的一切(请观看本页的视频了解更多). 我们还为专业发展(PD)提供了大量预算,以支持教师的成长, which nearly every teacher takes advant年龄 of every year. We have used that budget to fund both on- and-off-campus PD opportunities; we offer tuition assistance for graduate school studies; and we have even supported ambitious DIY opportunities that our colleagues have proposed and created themselves, 比如整个系里的人到海外去学习课程中突出的一个地区, or a road trip through the American South along the U.S. 民权之路. 除了, 我们提供持续的专业学习社区(plc),每月开会一次, 如S.E.E.D. (Seeking Equity and Educational Diversity), Social and Emotional 学习, 关键朋友组, 和衡平法分级.
    • 你们提供住宿吗?? 教师住在哪里??

      SLS does not offer faculty housing. 这 area has many different settings to offer, 教职员工往往住在各种各样的地方——就像我们的学生一样, 它吸引了费尔菲尔德县(康涅狄格州)和威彻斯特县(纽约州)25-30个不同的城镇,. The map below shows the geographic distribution of faculty homes, and you’ll see that some employees prefer the big city metro experience of NYC or New Haven; others prefer smaller cities like Stamford, 诺沃克, or Danbury; plenty of folks live in suburban towns like Katonah, Trumbull, 格林威治, or Ridgefield; and even rural communities with working farms like Redding and Shelton.

    Equal Opportunity Employer

    St. 卢克的学校 is an equal opportunity employer. St. 卢克的学校 does not discriminate on the basis of 比赛, color, 宗教, 性, 怀孕, 国家的起源, 祖先, 公民身份, 年龄, 婚姻状况, 残疾, 退伍军人身份或性取向或法律禁止的任何其他依据, terms and conditions of employment or educational programs. 我们努力提供一个温馨的教育环境,尊重和重视每一个成员的价值和尊严.


    link 导致机器可读文件,这些文件是根据联邦《bet356app在线登录》提供的,包括健康计划和医疗保健提供者之间协商的服务费率和网络外允许金额. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, 监管机构, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.
    St. 卢克的学校 is a secular (non-religious), private school in New Canaan, 5至12年级的CT服务于康涅狄格州和纽约州的30多个城镇. 我们卓越的学术和多元化的男女同校社区促进学生的智力和道德发展,为他们进入顶尖大学做准备. St. 卢克的bet356app在线登录建立了服务的承诺和领导的信心.