Welcome, 父母 and Guardians!

We extend a warm welcome as we eagerly anticipate the start of a new school year at St. 卢克的. Our excitement is boundless, and we can't wait to reunite with all of you this fall. Returning to the Hilltop reminds us of the extraordinary community that makes St. 卢克的 School so unique. The synergy between parents, 监护人, 老师, 管理员, and staff creates a dedicated team committed to nurturing each student's passions and guiding them toward success.

圣. 卢克的 父母' Association plays a crucial role in fostering this vibrant community spirit on the Hilltop. We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented parents and 监护人 who take the lead and actively participate in various committees and serve as Class 父母. Their dedication and limitless energy keep us all connected, strengthening the bonds that make our community so special. 

As parents and 监护人, you are already valued members of the 父母' Association, and we urge you to seize the numerous opportunities to actively engage in the life of our school. Whether you join a committee, 志愿者, or contribute your unique talents, your involvement is invaluable. Together, we embody the spirit of "One St. 卢克的," creating an environment where every child thrives and finds joy in their educational journey.

In the coming year, we look forward to continuing to foster a strong sense of unity, 友情, and shared purpose as we embark on this exciting journey together at St. 卢克的.

Here's to a fantastic year!


Suzanne Sherter & 詹妮弗Kubick 
父母' Association 总统


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圣. 卢克的 父母' Association consists of dedicated 志愿者s who support activities that enhance the lives of our students. It is the enthusiasm of our students, families, faculty, and staff that makes St. 卢克的 School the special place that it is.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year for our numerous committees and events. Please click below to learn more about 志愿者 opportunities and to sign up for any area(s) of interest to you.

(for more photos, please visit the 志愿者页面)

2023-2024 Executive Board Officers


  • 总统

    Suzanne Sherter


  • 财务主管



  • 秘书



  • VP Communications



  • VP 社区 Life



  • 副总裁筹款

    Theera Vachranukunkiet


  • VP Social Activities



  • VP Student Activities

    Kristen Staikos

St. 路加福音’s School is a secular (non-religious), private school in New Canaan, CT for grades 5 through 12 serving over 30 towns in Connecticut and New York. Our exceptional academics and diverse co-educational community foster students’ intellectual and ethical development and prepare them for top colleges. St. 路加福音’s Center for 引领ership builds the commitment to serve and the confidence to lead.